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Quality Assurance Assessment



We provide improved operational efficiency.  Our audits identify all types of errors and direct you to the root of any coding problems; increase productivity with a higher degree of effectiveness and efficiency. Audits should identify underpayments as well as overpayments.  In addition we identify errors caused by documentation problems due to insufficient medial necessity. Physicians responsible for poor documentation should be informed and educated on these issues, and receive regular feedback from health information management  

Because of the improved operational efficiencies  we provide as a result from auditing, providers see an increase in their overall revenue base.

Strategic Planning


We view the core of any successful practice to be the organizational structure. We advise on how to set up or restructure your business,  develop short- and long-term growth goals through the constant evaluation  based on future-focused operational and financial goals. DobMer PM Consultants, LLC assists in this process by observing a healthcare facility and aiding the organization in identifying opportunities for growth.  by doing this we can recommend, evaluate, and provide planning for these future-goals with our healthcare strategy consultants. 



 We make sure you have the right information and tools to assess and manage the impact of the government’s ever-changing regulatory compliance and enforcement initiatives. We help educate you as well as your managers, and workforces on being keenly aware and ensure clear understanding of health care compliance requirements in order to maintain an effective compliance program. and are appropriately addressing health care regulatory compliance initiatives. These professional services take a deeper look your compliance program operations and overall federal and state health care requirements to assess whether the your compliance program has the necessary practices, policies, and procedures in place to sufficiently address such requirements.