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DobMer PM Consultants, LLC was founded out of a desire to be a change agent in healthcare business operations.  Tawayna Dobie,Owner /Operator and partners have worked in the healthcare service industry for over 20 years both on the front line of patient care as well as  behind the scenes performing administrative functions.   Working her way up the ranks in patient service working for various private practices, and eventually transitioned to the insurer end, training on health claims processing and auditing the effectiveness of operational structures. It is in the position of claims audit supervisor where she received a more comprehensive understanding of how and why providers lose revenue. There are many gaps in their services and billing, which drives healthcare costs. This experience led her to see the great need for healthcare professionals to be educated in order to  fully understand how healthcare benefits work by providing a microscopic view of the business end. 

Providers believe they hire persons who are expert at their levels however there is usually something missed in the goal to treat patients and run a successful business. In that journey Tawayna saw an opportunity to make an impact on those healthcare service providers whose goal is to give the highest quality healthcare and still maintain a profitable business. The saying goes “you can’t see the forest for the trees” and this is true in healthcare. 

Dobmer PM offers  a unique perspective that transcends both worlds.  What sets this company apart from similar consulting businesses is that it is owned and operated by a an person who truly understands the nuisances of how a medical practice is run.   

We are on the cutting edge of the technological changes as claims are moving completely into the electronic submission and keeping accurate electronic health records. These changes affect how payments are rendered. The more established firms tend to focus on larger healthcare conglomerates such as hospitals leaving the private and smaller sector to figure it out on their own. We have seen many providers “leaving money on the floor” as a result of how they do business. DobMer’s primary focus  is on seeing the Direct Provider and Practice groups thrive in this healthcare evolution.

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